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Compel has trained 20 plus facilitators to work with our youth.  After background checks, an eight-hour program training, and a three month internship with another facilitator, individual assignments are made.  Every attempt is made to match the facilitator with the youth receiving the program and the wishes of the site staff.  

Compel offers a family focused plan. We offer literacy, budgeting, healthcare, relationship education, and parenting.  In addition all our programs offer spiritual support upon request. 


"Compel's staff is professional and demonstrated an ability to work with our youth and families. They are able to meet the challenges presented by the youth and families and clearly have a passion for the work they do."         

-Amy Hagedorn. 2010. Servant Manor, Executive Director

"Because of what I learned in this program, I want to do some things differently.  In the future I hope to get married and have a healthy future for me, my woman, and our kids." 

-Antonio, 25 yrs. old. 2011. Within My Reach Participant 

"I have personally met with Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Ladky, and I have pledged my support for their endeavors.  My own daughter participated in COMPEL's Youth Voices relationship education program at her school, and although I was initially wary of the content, COMPEL did an outstanding job of addressing my concerns."

-Willie L. Hines Jr., Alderman Milwaukee 15th District. President Common Council 

 "I commend the staff on their level of professionalism, ability to command the attention of active youngsters and perform in a high level of engagement of relevant  activities that are so important to their development.  This program is a vital link in what many of our youth are missing in their families and/or communities."

-Darrin Overton. 2010. Messmer Catholic Schools. Dean of Students. 

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