Programs We Offer
COMPEL actively seeks and reviews programs that have been designed by men and women of color who reversed the direction of their own lives, pursued advanced degrees, and have the sensitivity and experience to create programs that resonate with the population we serve.
Our youth program facilitators bring that same sensitivity to the classroom.  Training allows them to adapt to the situation choosing alternative activities or topics to grab class attention

At-Risk Youth Programs
Youth Voices
COMPEL developed Youth Voices® to better serve our target population with directive instruction. We wanted the classes to be fun, so it is chock full of activities.  We wanted students to remember important concepts, so common visual cues are used for each.
Dare to be King

We wanted to empower youth with a sense of responsibility to be change agents.  

The curriculum is grounded in all five aspects of adolescent development to guide youth away from immature risk-taking through factual information, critical thinking and an array of skills and strategies.  Youth are challenged to determine the best choices for their current well-being and their future dreams.

Dare to be King is a prevention program for teens already on a detour to “destination jail”.  In Wisconsin, one such detour is unplanned fatherhood coupled with unpaid child support.  It is a reason men go underground and sever family ties.  Boys want to be great fathers but are missing the connection that good fathers are also responsible men.  This program addresses the interrelated root causes of the entire spectrum of risk behaviors so participants can connect the dots between behavior choices and outcomes.  Fatherhood can be a strong motivator to abandon the detours.
She Ain't Angry for Nothin'
This curriculum is an answer to the silent cry for help expressed in anger & aggression that is literally breaking girls' spirits and causing them to self-destruct.  Girls who have attitude, girls who like to fight, girls who are not afraid of being on the wrong side of the law--this is the new phenomenon perplexing teachers and parents. This program allows girls to confront the causes of their anger and learn to manage the anger rather than allowing anger to control them. 
Fatherhood Programming:
Dads Really Matter (New Dads)
Doctor Dad and Bootcamp for New Dads

In the black community, generational fatherlessness has depleted role models while a matriarchal family structure has diminished the importance of fathers.  Young men now have to be taught skills that will give them the confidence, sensitivity and understanding to be dads.  By providing Doctor Dad and Bootcamp for New Dads, COMPEL, in partnership with local hospitals, will help create the fatherhood role models for the future.  Doctor Dad will also be used in domestic violence and infant death prevention.Family unification is a goal because all research shows children thrive with the love and support of both parents.  But intact families are a rarity in lower income levels.  In the current job market, “dead beat” dads are really “dead broke” dads.  However, with the innate ability of children to infuse paternal responsibility into a daddy with hugs and kisses, the desire to provide becomes a powerful incentive for employment. 
P.A.P.A  Program

Created by the Texas Attorney General’s office to address and prevent teen parenthood, the p.a.p.a. program deals with the “rights, responsibilities and realities of parenting” using the experiences of actual teen parents on video.  The program offers a strong dose of reality for teens or adults to encourage delayed, prepared-for-parenthood.

Learning Objectives include:

  • Responsible parenting

  • Basic understanding of paternity and child support laws

  • Skills for healthy relationships

  • Financial implications of becoming a parent

  • Impact of father involvement

  • Benefits of stable family relationships on children

  • Relationship violence prevention

The curriculum contains 14 sessions of approximately one hour.  Most sessions include a video segment of 2-3 minutes, and a lesson supported by group activities, handouts, and workbook exercises that may be done in class or as homework.  It should be noted that p.a.p.a. is not a sex education curriculum and is also available in Spanish.
Re-Entry Program - Inside/Out Dad
Inside/Out Dad is a reentry program designed to connect inmate fathers to their families and prepare them for release.  Standardized programming for 22 states and Washington, D.C., Inside/Out Dad helps reduce recidivism rates by reconnecting inmates to their families, providing the motivation to get out and stay out.

Popular among inmates and ex-offenders, Inside/Out Dad has been proven to increase family contact and improve inmate knowledge and attitudes.  Hundreds of state and federal facilities, pre-release programs, community organizations, and more are using this life-changing reentry program.
This comprehensive curriculum includes 12 core sessions and 26 optional sessions that coordinate with core topics, making it flexible for a wide variety of programs!  Through practical, engaging, material, Inside/Out Dad increases inmate’s self-worth and gives them valuable relationship skills.  Topics include:

              About Me: Remembering My Past 
                                 (What kind of father am I?)

·            Being a Man: What is a Man? 
                                      (Physical and Mental Health,      
                                       Masculinity and the Media)

·            Relationships: Love and Relationships 
                                       (Improving my communication skills)

·            Handling and Expressing Emotions: 
                                       Expressing Anger                                                                        (Stress and Anger, Carrying Emotions)

·            Discipline: Styles of Discipline 
                                (Culture, Morals, and Discipline; Being a  
                                  Fair, Loving Father)

·            Fathering from the Inside: Creating a Fathering Plan                                (Paper Hugs, Reading to your Kids)

·            An Optional Reentry Planning Module

Inside/Out Dad is a program that helps parents reconnect, setting aside hurt and anger, to increase the access of their children to their dads.  Uninvolved dads explore new concepts and attitudes while learning the skills to make them confident fathers.
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