Mission & Vision
COMPEL mission is to strengthen families and revitalize our family heritage. COMPEL provides roadmap to transform at-risk families to loving, safe and prosperous skill-building relationship education for adults and teens.
COMPEL answers the concerns within the black community that we are losing our children, our men, our families, and our heritage.  

COMPEL works predominantly with minorities in ways to elevate their spirit, energize their life competencies and expand their future potential.  COMPEL rallies community support to change what only people themselves can change – Expectations and Examples. 

Our Audience 
Although currently concentrating efforts in the African-American community, our programs are applicable to any race or ethnicity represented in the city. The issues COMPEL addresses know no boundaries although the underlying causes might differ.

While providing programs respectful of current family diversity, COMPEL focuses on the benefits of marriage and two parent families to alleviate social ills, foster health and happiness for all family members, allow the poor to prosper, and strengthen the social foundation of this city.

We are developing today's mentors and tomorrow's role models.

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National Black Marriage Day
March 25-26, 2017